Welcome to artforchange.gallery, a digital gallery for the sale of NFT's combining art with social change. We are an initiative of the Transformation in Violent Times Foundation, an entity formally established in Costa Rica with the firm purpose of promoting a message of peace and mental transformation globally through art.

Our hallmark is an NFT art market where the artwork has the genuine creativity of professional artists behind it. A portion of the revenue generated is used to cover administrative costs, institutional expansion, and the development of new talent, thereby strengthening our philanthropic work.

Real art turned into NFTs

All artwork displayed on artforchange.gallery are real art, physically exists and is made by verified artists. Our art goes through a prior curation process before being published and made available to buyers. The issuance of tokens is limited and the physical artwork will always be safeguarded.

All artworks have a proof of authorship

All works in our market have a proof of authorship that works as a certificate of authenticity.

These certificates are provided by our partner enotar.io.

Purchase on Open Sea

We choose OpenSea as the main platform to trade our NFTs due to its strong reputation and various advantages. OpenSea is one of the largest NFT marketplaces in the world and stands out for its commitment to security, using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain to ensure transparent and authentic transactions. It guarantees our clients the certainty that every NFT purchased in our gallery is legitimate.


Software developed by Fabricio Espinoza & Gabriel Espinoza

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